Beauty | My Skincare Saviours & Eczema Care

Welcome back to the blog!

I think I’m the only blogger I know that has never written a post about my skincare routine so I thought it was about time! I guess I’ve never broached the subject as I was always wondering what the point was; everyone has different skin! So what works for me, may not work for you.

I’m also not incredibly good at sticking to this said routine; I try to all the time but sometimes it’s a baby wipe job! One thing I definitely try stick to is the products I use for treating my eczema – it’s a miracle cure for me!

So without further a do! Here we go…

Cleanse & Tone

This part is vital as it removes so much dirt from your skin. I recently discovered a new micellar cleanser by NSPA which happens to be vegan, cruelty free and made in the UK. This has become a staple in my bathroom, replacing my old Garnier Micellar Water. I really have loved using it as I feel it definitely removes all of my makeup with very little effort; a few sweeps of cotton pads across my skin and I’m fresh!

For a toner, I use No7 Soft and Gentle Toner; this is a step I usually forget, especially if I’m in a rush. But if I’m sitting down at my dresser to do a serious skin job, I will include this as I feel it makes my skin so much softer!


This isn’t something I do every day by no means; I usually do this 2 to 3 times a week in the shower and I use No7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator. It doesn’t feel too abrasive on the skin and yet definitely leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

Serum & Moisturiser

Just after Christmas, I started using the No7 Early Defence GLOW Activating Serum to help boost the radiance in my skin and prevent early signs of aging. Before then I had point blank refused to use anything related to anti-aging but I figured there’s no time like the present to start and this is aimed at my age range! Within a few weeks I definitely noticed that my natural skin (before I apply makeup) had more of a healthy glow and looked less dull, so I would say this works for me.

This goes on underneath just a simple essential moisturiser that I apply all over my face and neck.


I’ve added this in because although it isn’t for the face, this cream has completely saved my life. I suffer from bad eczema across the back of my neck; when I say bad I mean at it’s worst it has looked like 3rd degree burns and felt just as bad.

My skin used to feel tight, itchy and flake until a colleague recommended I try Child’s Farm Moisturiser. On the first use, my skin felt soothed and less painful. I applied it morning and evening and occassionally during the day until my eczema had completely gone! I get the odd flair up but that’s usually because I’ve not applied my cream for a few days. I would highly recommend you try this if you have eczema!

Night Time Add Ons

When it comes to bed time, I usually toss in No7 Overnight Revitalizing Eye balm; it feels like it soothes the under eye area as it’s quite a cool, gel-like texture and relaxing to apply after a long day!

Occassionally, if I feel like I may not sleep too well that night, I’ll massage Lush Sleepy lotion into my shoulders, arms and chest; the oatmeal and lavender combination smell so relaxing! I rub it into these areas as I tend to sleep with my arms curled under my head so I get plenty of the scent to help me and down!

I also swap my usual moisturiser to a night time one for extra hydration.

So to round up…


  1. Exfoliate my skin in the shower and then apply toner afterwards. If I don’t use the exfoliator then I’ll cleanse my face first before using water in the shower.
  2. Massage serum into my face and neck, followed by moisturiser.
  3. Massage body cream into the back of my neck and elsewhere.


  1. Remove my makeup using cleanser followed by toner.
  2. Apply serum again to my face and neck.
  3. Apply eye balm under my eyes using my ring finger.
  4. Apply evening moisturiser on top of this and massage in.
  5. Apply sleepy cream and get settled in my pjs!

So that is basically everything I use to take care of my skin! As I said, it may not work for everyone but that’s how I roll and I’m happy with each product.

I have a few extra things I occassionally use as a little treat to my skin, but since they aren’t every day essentials, I haven’t included them.

Have you used any of these or have your own skin care saviours?



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