Lifestyle | 10 Ideas to treat mum this mother’s day!

Welcome back to the blog guys!

I’ve been a little inactive lately as I’ve been doing extra hours at work, but hopefully things will get back to normal soon! It’s hard to juggle everything sometimes, don’t you think?

But I am all prepared for this coming weekend for mother’s day; I love celebrating with my mum, she’s my best friend.

Like most holidays in our calendar, Mother’s Day actually stems from the Christian tradition of returning to your mother church, or church where you were christened, on the forth Sunday of lent. It later lost it’s religious values and in 1914 became a national holiday.

This year, my mum is coming over to my house for dinner with my dad and I’ll be roasting a leg of lamb for us all. I’ve got her presents bought and wrapped, but in case you were struggling for a gift for your special person, be it your mum, auntie, grandma or whoever, I thought I’d share with you a list of a few things she may enjoy…

1. Perfume

Perfume is always a good option and is more personal than you might think; there’s a few favourites that stand out to me and whenever I smell them it makes me think of my mum. If you want to get her something new, try Mon Guerlain for a floral feminine scent with a kick of vanilla.

2. Jewellery

Jewellery is lovely as it’s something she can keep forever; you could even start a tradition where she can collect something from each mothers day like a charm bracelet.

3. Gift Experience

There’s such a range of these, there’s bound to be something she’ll like! Whether it’s going to make chocolate, a photo shoot or rally driving! Plus they range in prices so there’s something to suit most budgets.

4. Flowers

I always get my mum flowers, no matter what else I get her. They’re just bright and fresh to have and tell her I love her.

5. Afternoon Tea

We recently had my parents over for afternoon tea with cream teas and sandwiches, but if you don’t want to do it yourself, there’s lots of offers on around restaurants at this time of year if you want to take her out!

6. Drinks Tasting

This is nice if she’s into anything in particular like gin or wine; lots of bars now offer tasting sessions or cocktail classes; A nice fun activity to do together!

7. Cook for her!

Everyone loves being cooked for 😊 this Sunday I’ll be cooking my mum roast lamb.You can get my recipe here.

8. Pamper Her

Book her in for a makeover, spa session or even have a girly night in with face masks and painting each other’s nails!

9. Take her to see a show or a film

We recently went to see The Greatest Showman with my parents and my mum loved it! It’s such a feel good, empowering and happy film. You can’t leave the cinema without laughing and smiling!

10. Treat Box

Pick up a nice gift box or basket (T K Maxx do beautiful ones) and fill it with her favourite things to treat her to; chocolates, wine, a book, bubble bath, cosy pjs, anything she loves!

I hope that’s given you some ideas Whatever you do, make sure you spend some time together and tell her you love her!



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