Beauty | Dior Forever Undercover Foundation Review

I recently picked up my copy of the Glamour Beauty Book for spring summer 2018. Flicking through the pages, I was pleased to see an advert for Dior foundation with a voucher inviting readers to have their foundation colour matched and a free sample to try.

I rarely switch my foundation; I always use No7, with the exception of the one bottle of Double Wear which I bought for my wedding day. So I was excited to try a luxury brand and see what all the fuss was about!

I went to my local Dior counter and had a patch test for the colour, and after describing the type of foundation I like to wear (full coverage yet lightweight), I left with a sample of Dior Forever Undercover in shade 015.

What does it offer?

The foundation retails at £34 for a bottle; the water based product claims to offer 24 hour wear, full coverage, and a “second-skin” matt finish which does not need to be powdered.

Now for me, the price is a bit steep. I would usually pay around half of that for my foundation. So for me to want to actually buy this product, it would really have to wow me.

First Impressions

I opened the little bottle and put some out on my hand, ready to apply with a Real Techniques Foundation Brush, after I’d moisturised and primed my skin.

I don’t think this is a huge factor, but it smells really nice when you apply it to your skin; it seems to be gently fragranced. As I worked it into my skin, I could see straight off that it was too dark for my skin tone, but as I blemded it in, wasn’t so different it was ridiculous.

Once I finished applying the foundation, I took a step back to examine it. Yes, it did have a matte finish, you probably wouldn’t need to powder it. For the purposes of testing the product, I didn’t apply any powder on top.

It looked a little patchy in places, and I would not say it was a full coverage, more a medium at best. I added my usual concealer under my eyes and on my chin afterwards.

The foundation straight after application with no other cosmetics applied.

To begin with, it seemed OK. Not worth the hefty £34 price tag, but not dreadful. After about 3 hours of wearing it, I could see it wasn’t very matt any more and the patches looked a little more obvious.

After 6 hours, the foundation had worn off on areas of my face completely, leaving me looking patchy; where it was still on my skin it was shiny and the foundation seemed to get more orange as the day went on.

Overall, I wouldn’t buy this product and was not impressed, especially with the price it commands. On first applying it seems alright and passable as a highstreet foundation, but after wearing it for just 6 hours, it brought disappointing results for a product promising to last 24 hours. I think I would give it another go if it was better matched to my skin tone, but I feel the colour I tried made the flaws of the product more obvious.

Sorry Dior, it’s a no from me!

Have you tried this foundation? What was your experience like?



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