Lifestyle | Our Murder Mystery Party & Cocktail Recipes!

Hello everyone!

So, this weekend I hosted a murder mystery party, set aboard a 1920’s cruise ship, to solve the murder of Dr MacDogood, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

I hosted a murder mystery event last year too and decided it was so much fun dressing up and playing the parts that I just had to do it again!

It was a brilliant success with 1920’s music, everyone dressed to look the part, decorations and cocktails! Macmillan provide everything you need from invitations and scripts to name cards and a donation box! You just need to host the event and bring your cash.

We decorated the room in marine colours (red, white and blue), made a music playlist of old 1920’s swing and jazz including classics like The Charleston, and we had a few props for a photo booth!

We served scampi and chips for our buffet and of course we had a little bar, styled like a twenties bar cart with spirits, glasses, mixers and cocktail cherries! Of course, there was plenty of prosecco too, and we made a few cocktails which I thought today I would share with you the recipes that we used!

Cocktail Recipes

We made three cocktails in all; Ginger Fizz which we served as a long drink in mini milk bottles, followed by two mini cocktails, Raspberry Blush and Just Peachy, in miniature jam jars.

My favourite was the Raspberry Blush; it tasted like sweets and I could’ve drank it all night!!

Through all of our fun, we managed to raise £95 for Macmillan Cancer Support, a UK charity which helps people living with cancer and their families, so that no one faces cancer alone.

I would definitely recommend hosting a murder mystery, whether it’s for charity or just your own fun! It’s a bit different to a normal party and everyone can get involved!

You can read more about Macmillan here and also donate if you want to!

See you soon!



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