Beauty | No7 Aqua Perfect Cushion Review

It’s no secret that I love No7 foundations; I’ve tried them all from the lightweight tinted moisturiser, up to the full coverage Beautifully Matte, and everything in between. For me, I love them because they always do what they say on the bottle, the colour is always a great match for my skin, and they perform well. So it was only natural I would give the latest one a go!

Last week, No7 launched their latest cosmetic; Aqua Perfect Cushion Foundation, available in 8 of their match made shades, and retailing at £17.50. The foundation is designed to be quick and easy to use, as well as being able to be used while you’re out and about. It’s a light coverage that you can build upon and should last all day.

To me, it sounds like it’ll be attractive to use during the summer months or on holiday, as the water-infused foundation is designed to leave you feeling fresh and hydrated, as well as cool.

Instead of the usual bottle, this product comes as a silver case which opens to reveal a black cover holding a round sponge; you then open the black cover to reveal the foundation which is concealed underneath a soft cushion. The more you press the cushion, the more foundation is released.

I tried using the sponge it comes with to apply the foundation; although it would be useful for touch ups during the day as you can keep it in the case, I ended up using the No7 beauty blender to apply the foundation as I found it much easier and it gave better coverage.

After prepping my skin with my usual moisturiser and primer, I set about patting the foundation into my skin. It did feel very cool straight away on my skin, and although it is a light coverage, it seems to cover the skin really well, without feeling heavy.

I didn’t powder over the top as when it’s dry, it seems to have a finished appearance. I suppose this is one reason why it’s so easy to build on top of it during the day. The only additional product I have applied in the below photo is cream blusher and a little eye makeup.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the result! The coverage was nice, not at all heavy, and it was super easy to apply!

After getting on with my day, I decided to top up the foundation 8 hours later, to see how it coped, considering it is designed to use on the go.

Now I must admit, when I first heard the foundation was designed for topping up on the go, I was sceptical; to me, you can’t expect to cover a face of powder-set makeup with a liquid foundation and expect it to stay equally flawless as when you first applied it.

So I have previously used it to do just that to see how it faired. The result wasn’t great; it just didn’t seem to take to my skin on top of what I had on already, but I suppose it was okay if I was in desperate need.

Using it to top up during the day after already using it as a base to begin with is MUCH better; the Aqua foundation still has good coverage and isn’t patchy when used to top up!

I think I’ll be popping this in my bag for holidays for sure!!

Have you tried this Aqua Touch Cushion Foundation, or any other cushion foundations? What did you think?



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