Travel | 8 Top Tips For Packing Light

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog.

Next month, I’m going on holiday to Hamburg for a couple of days with my husband’s family. We’re going for 3 nights to the city so we’re only taking hand luggage. Because of that fact, I’m going to have to be really careful about what and how I pack! Today I’m going to share with you what I’m going to be using to pack, and some other bits I got on my shopping trip, as well as some tips for packing light!

My Travel Shopping Haul

To help me, I got a few essentials which will hopefully make it easier to pack, the first being my actual hand luggage case! I picked mine up for such a bargain from Home Bargains for just £8.99! Everywhere else I looked they were really expensive so I was pleased with this deal! I’ve already got plans to use it so much this year too so feel I’m getting my money’s worth.

I also picked up these cute toiletry bags from Home Bargains too; the clear one and marble one were a set for £3.99, and the gold one was £2.99; perfect for organising all my makeup, toiletries and any other small things!

This fluffy keyring was too cute to leave behind, and it coordinates with everything else I got! That’ll be on my case so I know which is mine and which is the husband’s! This was £1.99 from Home Bargains.

8 Tips For Packing Hand Luggage only

1. Choose The Right Bag – This is so essential. Your hand luggage needs to meet the requirements of the airline, but it also needs to meet your needs too! Most airlines require 50x40x20cm cases, including handles and wheels. Choose a fabric case as they have more give than hardshell ones, meaning you can squeeze more in.

2. Make a List – I found it really helpful to think about the type of trip I was going on and then making a list of exactly everything I was going to need to fit in e.g. toiletries, how many outfits, electrical etc. Writing it down makes you really think about what you actually need and what’s not so essential.

3. Plan Your Wardrobe – Think about how long you’re going to be away for and how many outfits you will actually need to wear. Choose a capsule wardrobe of a few items that you can mix and match and wear for any occasion, be it walking around all day exploring, or sipping cocktails on a skyscraper in the evening.

4. Use Multipurpose Items – This one is great as it means you’ll need to pack less things. Choose accessories which are versatile and you can swap and change them with different outfits. Use what is only necessary and see how you can use it in other ways; for example, with my makeup, I’ll be packing my absolute essentials, but then I’ll be taking an eye palette which is great for day time and evening looks, as well as having a great shade that can be used as a highlighter.

5. Travel In the Heavy Stuff – If you’re taking boots and a coat, wear them to travel in; coats can easily be removed on the plane or when you arrive.

6. Put the liquids on top – you’ll need to get them out quickly in the airport so put them in easy reach!

7. Roll It Up! – Rolling saves the most amount of room in a case and I think your items crease less. Anything that does crease can be hung in a steamy bathroom for them to drop out if your hotel doesn’t have an iron or laundry service.

8. Use EVERY space – don’t waste any space in your bag. Pack your main large bits and then squeeze the small bits in between. Put rolled up socks into your shoes! Use it wisely.

Do you have any tips for packing with just hand luggage? I’d love to hear them!



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