Home | How To ‘Fake’ a Clean Home in 5 Easy Steps!

I love having a clean and tidy home all the time, but with busy work schedules and lives, it’s not always possible to keep everything immaculate. Especially with having a fuzzy little puppy! But it’s nice to give the illusion that everything is prim and proper – it makes people think I have my shit together.

If I’ve been too busy and I’ve got someone coming over for an impromptu visit, there are five things I ALWAYS do which don’t take very long! Getting these things done means everything looks clean and tidy, even if I’ve been working all week and not had a moment to do anything!

  1. Put everything away! This is half the battle to making your home seem tidy. Having stuff everywhere makes it look cluttered and untidy so put it all back in it’s place. If there’s a room that’s really awful that your guests won’t be entering and you just don’t have time; shut the door!
  2. Run the hoover around. Make sure your floors are clean from any debris that may have collected. This shouldn’t take long as it’s just a quick vac through.
  3. Straighten up. Plump any pillows, fold any blankets, straighten magazines.
  4. Empty the sink and wipe your surfaces. A full sink instantly looks untidy in your kitchen; If you have a dishwasher, stack everything away in there and pop it on. If not, get them washed quick! This includes the bathroom; make sure your toilet and sink is clean.
  5. Set the scene. Get the kettle on, light a scented candle, sit yourself down! Take a minute to calm down after whizzing around the house and give the impression it’s been that tidy all day!

Do you have any tips for prepping your home at a moment’s notice? Let me know!

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