Travel | Time to Pack for Hamburg! – FREE PACKING LIST

Soon, I’ll be flying off to Hamburg for 3 nights for a little city break. I’ve never been to Germany so I’m really looking forward to seeing their culture and architecture!

With it only being a short trip, I’m only taking hand luggage on the plane, so I need to pack really carefully. My bag can only be of a certain size and weight, I can only take small toiletries and cosmetics (under 100ml), and I need to fit everything in I could possibly need!

Everything I pack will need to be versatile; accessories to go with any outfit, my main essential makeup products to do day and night time looks, and clothes to suit if the weather changes!

You can read more of my tips on packing light here.

So, I’ve thought about it quite a lot, and I’ve come up with a list of things that I will definitely be needing to pack! Below my list, I’ve included a blank list that you can print for yourself to help you with your own packing!

Going away yourself? Save and print the image below to help you get organised with your packing!



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