Home | The Room Outside – Garden Tour Update!

Hey everyone!

I last shared a post about my Garden about a year ago now – you can read that here – but we’ve added to it and changed a few things which I wanted to share with you all!

Last year we added a raised patio to our garden and bought some nice furniture for it. This year, we’ve added more plants and style to the garden, making it a space we try sit in every time it gets sunny! I love going out here with a latte or cold wine and it’s great for entertaining!

We still have a few things we need to do; the fence desperately needs painting, and we’d like a dining area on our other patio near the house.

But in the mean time, here you go…

We added these little Japanese Maples to some black pots; they were such a bargain! The pots and plants were all from B&Ms and cost about £5 per pot to do! I doubt you could buy them ready done for that price.

The yellow Chinese lanterns were from B&Q on clearance and they went so well with the bistro set I painted, I had to get them!

I just want my mint to get going now so I can make fresh mojitos in the garden!!

EDIT: After posting this, I realised my solar lights were a bit random 😂 they were charging but then it went too cloudy to take more nice photos 😂.

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