Lifestyle | Living in a Historic Town – Local & Community History Month May

Hey guys!

When I was thinking of various post ideas for this month, I decided to look into National Days and Awareness events, and one that stood out to me was Local and Community History Month.

Being from Chester, I’ve grown up in a town that has a rich and colourful history, with architecture spanning across 2000 years, from Roman, Victorian and Tudor, up to the present. This post will be showing you a few snapshots of the various eras of my city from the past, capturing the decades and centuries of its existence and sharing with you it’s beauty.

I hope you enjoy it!

Photos Circa 1900s and collected from archives.

A Little More History…


Based on the river Dee, Chester was originally part of a Roman settlement, founded in 79AD, with lots of features still around today built from red sandstone. We have an amphitheatre where gladiators would have fought, as well as our Roman walls which still stand today around the perimeter of the city which you can walk around.


Some buildings are black and white medieval style, with one pub dating back to the 1600s, and some were later restored by the Victorians. In the shopping heart of the city are the Rows from Medieval times, with double layered shops and outdoor walkways which are unique to Chester.

I’m thinking next time of showing you the same angles in these photos but present day; what do you think?

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