Lifestyle | A Day At Chester Zoo!

Welcome back guys!

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine last week; I know I certainly did! We visited Chester Zoo on Sunday in the glorious sunshine as we haven’t been in ages!

Walking around and seeing all the animals and gardens, we felt pretty lucky to have such a gorgeous place on our doorstep!

It’s one of the biggest, most visited zoos in the UK, having been first opened in 1931, and today it is rated as one of the top zoos in the world to visit.

Here’s some photos from the day.

We strolled around for the entire afternoon, taking in feeding time at the penguins, the lazy lions napping in the sun and so much more!

The latest feature to the zoo, shown in the photo above, is the Island experience, where you board a small boat which carries you around a grassy river, surrounded by animal enclosures, including Warty Pigs and Tigers!

Have you ever visited Chester Zoo? What’s your favourite animal to see?

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