Travel | My Travel Bucket List – part 1

Travel is something I have always loved; the idea of removing yourself from your life for a while and disappearing to a new, exciting place with a different climate, culture and pace of life, to me is completely alluring.

I’ve been very fortunate to visit so many beautiful places in my life so far including Spain, Paris, Cyprus, Finland, Florida and Singapore! But I have a major case of wanderlust and a desire to explore every corner of the beautiful earth we are fortunate enough to inhabit.

For this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of places I most want to travel to, ranging from the exotic depths of Malaysia, chilly countries near the arctic, to places closer to home. It’s a two parter so here is my first five destinations…

New York, USA

The city that never sleeps! This east coast USA gem presents a gleaming skyline of dazzling skyscrapers which reach dizzying heights, an array of restaurants, bars and clubs, and spectacular events during the Christmas months. Visit late November, early December, for the fanatically festive shopping displays along 5th Avenue, ice rinks, and the infamous Rockafeller Centre tree lighting. See the Radio City Rockettes up until New Year, or attend performances and fireworks until the ball drops to ring in the new year!

New York, by far, is the very top of my bucket list. To spend a week here over Christmas, for me, would just be perfect.

California, USA

Based on the west coast of the USA, the golden state boasts rich wine regions, varying landscapes such as beaches and forests, as well as buzzing cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles and, of course, Hollywood. Visit for the chic scenery of L.A. or take a trip out into the countryside for wine tasting!

I’d like to visit California for a tour of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, San Diego Comicon and a walk along the Hollywood walk of fame!

North Carolina, USA

The main reason I’d like to visit here is because of all the romantic novels and films I’ve seen by Nicholas Sparks. A majority of his books and films are set in this east coast state and it just looks to die for.

Charming and idyllic, North Carolina has beautiful beaches on the Atlantic ocean, as well as bustling towns and cities known for great seafood restaurants. One popular town to visit is Wilmington which has been a location for over 400 filimg productions, including playing host to many waterfront shots in US tv show, One Tree Hill, one of my favourite shows.

Lapland, Finland

I mean who wouldn’t want to go here! To see Santa and his reindeer, the Northen Lights, and snuggle up in a cabin surrounded by a magical winter wonderland with hot chocolate; it’s a winter dream! Dog-sledding, snowmobiles and Reindeer sleigh rides all comprise of some of the exciting activities Lapland offers.


A species-rich rainforest based on the equator, Borneo is the worlds third biggest island. A remote jungle beauty, Borneo also happens to be home to nearly half of the worlds plant and animal species. The colourful paradise offers relaxing opulent hotels and beaches, as well as adventure trekking through the forest and over mountains.

My main goal and reasoning to want to visit here is for the Orangutan sanctuaries around Kalimantan, turtle watching at Lankayan and the historic markets and temples along the harbourside of Sandakan.

Given I want to see a lot of America, I think a road trip should be on this list too! Come back soon for part 2!

All images in this article, with the exception of the title image, were sourced through Canva app.

2 thoughts on “Travel | My Travel Bucket List – part 1

  1. A road trip is definitely the way to see the US! My sister and I have been on a couple of different road trips. My favorite was the South. We started in Austin, TX and saw Natchitoches, New Orleans, Savannah, Charleston, Ashville and Nashville. I love being able to see all of the various landscapes, throughout the country.

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