Lifestyle | Celebrating My Birthday with 25 Facts About Me

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog. I’ve recently just come back from a holiday celebrating my birthday and thought I’d share a cheeky birthday post to celebrate on here!

I’ll be sharing a few more posts about my trip soon, but for now I’m sharing twenty five facts about me to celebrate turning 25!

1. I was born and raised in Chester, Cheshire.

2. I passed my driving test on the 3rd go.

3. I broke my wrist in high school playing sports.

4. I broke the same wrist years later at a party dancing.

5. I claim to hate strawberry flavoured things; in reality it’s just strawberry yogurt I hate.

6. I have a bit of a phobia of wearing heels that are too high after breaking my wrist the second time.

7. I’ve travelled in three continents; Europe, North America and Asia.

8. I wore a brace as a teenager.

9. I’ve swam with Dolphins.

10. I’ve held a Lion cub.

11. I’ve seen Pandas in Singapore.

12. My favourite takeout food is Chinese.

13. I cry every time I watch The Notebook.

14. I’ve seen a meteor shower when I was in Spain.

15. My longest friendship spans 21 years.

16. I love hosting and organising parties and events.

17. I was the Wing Defence on the netball team in school. I wasn’t very good.

18. I make macaroni cheese to cheer people up.

19. I’m scared of spiders and general bugs.

20. If I had been born a boy, I would’ve been called Thomas or Robert.

21. I’m 5’3″.

22. My favourite chick flicks are the Bridget Jones films; I love the fight scenes between Mr Darcy and Daniel Cleaver!

23. My favourite spirit is Dissorano.

24. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Paris four times now, most recently this weekend just gone for my birthday!

25. I celebrated my 25th birthday in Disneyland on it’s 25th birthday!!!

And that’s me! Twenty five random facts about me for my birthday!

See you all soon!



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