Travel | Celebrating my birthday in Disneyland! – photo diary

In my opinion, you are never too old to go to Disneyland. Even if you aren’t into all the princesses and mouse (who isn’t, really?), it’s a magical place of fun and childhood!

That’s why I decided to celebrate my twenty-fifth birthday in the enchanting park, along with Disney Studios across the way. If you haven’t been, the studios are filled with rides more suited to adults, along with lots of shows about special effects and even an interactive tour which looks at how special effects are performed on larger sets.

Disneyland is full of themed areas, including adventure, pirates, fairytales and space!

It really was a magical day; we arrived early off the train from Paris and went to the studios first, riding my favourite rollercoaster, Rock’n’roller coaster, before going into Disneyland where I got a phone call from Mickey Mouse wishing me happy birthday!!!

We followed this up with lunch and more rides and a parade, before going back to the studios where it had gone quieter, to ride the Rock’n’rolla coaster a few more times before we headed back to Paris!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I can’t wait to go to Disney again one day!!!



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