Drinks Recipes | The Classic Mojito

Who doesn't love a mojito in the summer? It always makes me feel like I'm on holiday when you taste the refreshing minty rum! My dad has been growing mint in his garden and makes the best (albeit strong) mojitos! It's cooled off a bit at the moment here in Cheshire, but I want to … Continue reading Drinks Recipes | The Classic Mojito

Chicken Tikka Masala 

You'll have to forgive the poorly staged photography in this post... the curry was so nice I forgot to take a picture until we'd already tucked in! This is a recipe I first made back in cookery class in school so, about 10 years ago. It's really great on a Saturday night when you fancy … Continue reading Chicken Tikka Masala 

Simple Recipes | Golden Syrup Flapjacks

Welcome back to Homemade In Cheshire! I recently baked some pupcakes for Woopy (get the recipe here) for her birthday, and I was left with a HUGE bag of porridge oats! I don't really use plain porridge oats, like ever, so I decided to make flapjacks to use them up. I think flapjacks are just so yummy, … Continue reading Simple Recipes | Golden Syrup Flapjacks

Photo Diary | A Day in Llandudno

Yesterday we took a little trip up to Llandudno beach after voting in the morning. I packed Woopy's travel bag, a jacket and shades, and we took to the road to the beach. It rained most of the way there and we were regretting it, until the Great Orme came into view and the sun … Continue reading Photo Diary | A Day in Llandudno

Photo Diary | My Week In Photos | 4th June 17

Last week I had some time off work and spent a lot of time catching up with friends and family, and of course celebrating Woopy's 2nd Birthday. It was so nice having some time off to myself. I went shopping with my parents to a warehouse in Northwich which sells really pretty (but really pricey) … Continue reading Photo Diary | My Week In Photos | 4th June 17

Puppy Party | Woopy’s 2nd Birthday | Recipes for Dogs

Happy birthday to my cute baby Woopy! Last Monday, Woopy turned 2! I literally cannot believe she is all grown up and an adult dog from the little 'scrappy-woo' (affectionately named) that we first brought home. To me, she is still a baby puppy though, especially with all the cute things she does. It's because … Continue reading Puppy Party | Woopy’s 2nd Birthday | Recipes for Dogs

W7 Makeup Haul | Review

I'm not into spending hundreds of pounds on makeup. I nearly died when I bought my first and only Laura Mercier product, which is a deep purple lip gloss. I picked it because I wanted a fancy brand for my makeup bag and thought this would be reasonable. But there's no prices on the shelves … Continue reading W7 Makeup Haul | Review