Happy Halloween! | A Week In Shropshire Part 2

Happy Halloween everyone!I hope you've had a spooktacular day! We carved our pumpkins on Sunday night ready for Halloween - what do you think? Woopy worked so hard on hers... I love the smell of them burning and the warm orange glow they give off - does anything better define October?I donned an autumnal makeup … Continue reading Happy Halloween! | A Week In Shropshire Part 2

Simple Recipes | Golden Syrup Flapjacks

Welcome back to Homemade In Cheshire! I recently baked some pupcakes for Woopy (get the recipe here) for her birthday, and I was left with a HUGE bag of porridge oats! I don't really use plain porridge oats, like ever, so I decided to make flapjacks to use them up. I think flapjacks are just so yummy, … Continue reading Simple Recipes | Golden Syrup Flapjacks

Photo Diary | A Day in Llandudno

Yesterday we took a little trip up to Llandudno beach after voting in the morning. I packed Woopy's travel bag, a jacket and shades, and we took to the road to the beach. It rained most of the way there and we were regretting it, until the Great Orme came into view and the sun … Continue reading Photo Diary | A Day in Llandudno